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Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

Time Trial and Triathlon Bikes at KB Cycles Newcastle

You against the clock, when you are going full gas with the heart rate maxed out you need every advantage you can get and these Time Trial bikes offer just that.

Here at KB Cycles we offer a complete range of Time Trial and Triathlon Bikes from both Trek and Scott. These aero bikes are at the pinnacle of bicycle technology. They are finely tuned in laboratories and wind tunnels to squeeze out every second because in that race situation every second counts.

These aerodynamic bikes are designed for out and out speed if you are looking for a different kind of road riding experience check our amazing range of men’s and women’s road bikes that fit all budgets and abilities.

With our range of tri bikes you are sure to find the perfect race bike but if you can find what you are looking for pop in or call the store today.