Specialized Girl'S Hotwalk (2018)

Specialized Girl’S Hotwalk (2018)


If we were to stop and think about it learning to ride back in the day bordered on a traumatic event. The crashes oh the crashes. These days however kids have it easy with awesome little bikes like our Girl’s Hotwalk. With no pedals or gears it’s designed to help your little girl find her balance by making it as easy as possible to put her feet down. In fact scooting around with her feet is how the bike moves (outside of gravity) so she’ll get used to the feeling of riding without much of the risk. Even better for you there isn’t much that can break should the bike hit the deck on the pump track so there’s less maintenance then with a “traditional” bike. That’s right you get parental hero status and they have the time of their lives while they’re learning to ride. Win-win.


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