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One Man’s Dream

Gerry’s dream of having his own track bike

When one of our life long customers, Gerry, approached us with a frameset in hand and the dream of building his own track bike, we we’re psyched to help in any which way we could.

Gerry had managed to bag himself a Giant Omnium frameset from a friend and had the idea of building a super sleek, classic looking track bike. We we’re more then happy to oblige.

Young Gerry has been a keen Track cyclist for around 18 months now. Following a big crash on his MTB. Gerry tried his hand at the discipline to keep fit and aid his recovery process with being able to cycle all year round no matter the weather. Most of his training days are spent at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome up in Glasgow.

Always the keen road cyclist and huge fan of Fixed gear from his early days, Gerry found the switch to Track as a natural progression.

Visiting the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome most weeks, sometimes multiple times a week doesn’t come cheap. Coaching costs plus the bike hire cost can weigh heavy on your wallet. Which is why Gerry tasked us with his build.

He couldn’t of possible come to a better shop to have his build done. John our Workshop Manager is possibly even more enthusiastic with about fixed gear bikes and track cycling. So one mans dream became another mans dream job.

No matter the job or build, John in the workshop is always enthusiastic. When it comes to building fixies, hes stoked! Both John and Gerry could be found discussing whats going to be best for the build and what will work best for rider. They both agreed that the classic, clean cut look was the way to go with the frameset. Gerry was fully aware he could go spend some hard earned cash on new, carbon completes. But his way of thinking was alloy can take a battering until he fully finds his feet on the wood. Plus buying complete is never as satisfying as building your own!

Once the build was completed, we got Gerry to pop down to the store to have a little fit session and get him comfortable with his new steed.

The most satisfying part for us is seeing a rider leave the shop with their new bike in hand and the biggest smile on their face. Gerry didn’t have to wait to long to test his bike. He was at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome the following weekend.


We would like to thank Gerry for the fun time spent building his bike and wish him all the luck on his adventures of track cycling!