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Transition Bikes Now Available


It will come as no surprise to Transition fans that the brand new 2018 line up has finally started arriving, and people are going wild.

With a full new design across the entire range, comes new technology. The questions of availability have be thrown at us for months now. And we can finally say, “YES, we have them in stock.”

So we wont keep you waiting any longer, Here’s what Transition Bikes have to offer you…


The Transition Sentinel 2018, is the new boy to the Transition Bikes family. Transition themselves say, the Sentinel 2018 has been designed with ’29er haters’ in mind. The Transition Sentinel 2018 is a capable and playful 29er while staying responsive when throwing it downhill.

Featuring Transition Bikes SBG (Speed Balance Geometry), the Transition Sentinel 2018 is a LONG & SLACK 29er.

Along with SBG, Transition Bikes have redefined their suspension to now feature GiddyUp 2.0hh.

With 140mm on the rear and 160mm up front. The Transition Sentinel has plenty of travel for you push the limits.

Transition Patrol 2018

The Transition Patrol 2018 has a full revamp. Every Transition fan found out that these guys were coming during the summer of 2017. It was definitely worth the wait. Not a very technically comment, but have you seen the colours? Here in the Storm Grey and the BEAUTIFUL  Ponderosa Green.

The Transition Patrol 2018 comes LONGER, SLACKER and LOWER than previous models, all thanks again to Transition Bikes SBG. With 160mm on the rear and 170mm at the front end, the Transition Patrol is designed to take some BIG hits.


sbg – speed balance geometry

You keep hearing SBG, what the hell is it? Grab your brew, sit back and we’ll explain.

Speed Balance Geometry is the creation of Transition Bikes. As our beloved sport has evolved, so has the trails we’re riding, therefore its time for the MTB to evolve. Transition had a dream to create a bike that corners like its on rails, fills every rider with confidence in every corner and climbs like stink.

The answer to better bike handling is simple, LONGER & SLACKER. However, push the boundaries too far an your going to notice it. At slower speeds and flat terrain, your slack steeds front wheel is going to feel miles away & your going to struggle to weight that front end correctly.

Transition Bike’s SBG utilizes frame size to create a longer bike and place the rider directly in the centre. Transition managed to do this by lengthening the top tube, along with a slacker head angle and a steeper seat tube, placing you directly over the bottom bracket. This all gives you more traction climbing, less sag and way more confidence in descending and cornering.

For SBG, Transition say you have to use a specific fork with with a much shorter offset than a traditional fork. This allows you to gain full potential of SBG.

Transition Bikes have also fully redesigned the Transition Scout and its bigger wheeled brother the Transition Smuggler, both featuring SBG and the updated Giddy Up 2.0hh suspension technology.

As usual, Transition Bikes offer you Frame Only options or with a variety of build kits to make a bike to match your needs a budget. All bikes come available at either SRAM x01, GX or NX.

With all the hype for the past number of months, you can imagine how quick they are moving. Our insiders tell us that if your not quick, you want be able to get your hands on one of these rides until into the new year.


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Specialized Bikes

Well in case you haven’t guessed we here at KB Cycles Newcastle, The North East Leading Cycle Shop and the premier Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition bikes dealer are proud to introduce Specialized Bikes into the fold.

Specialized is a brand that we have wanted to be part of what we do here at the shop for a very long time and we are all buzzing at the prospect of the bikes arriving next week.

We will be Specialized bikes only independent bike shop in Newcastle upon Tyne and we have got big plans for the brand. But, lets be clear even though we have big plans for Specialized bikes they will not be taking the place of Trek, Scott, Haibike or Transition Bikes. They will be running along side our already awesome brands to give you, our customers, the choice and range we pride ourselves on.

Specialized have such an extensive range of bikes and products it is going to very hard what we are going to have in stock and as much as we would love to have them all, we just don’t have the space. But we will be featuring some of there most well know bikes including…

Specialized Roubaix

The Roubaix take its name from the infamous Classic Paris-Roubaix race. Famously a race that is brutal on both the rider and the bike. Reducing fatigue is a pretty obvious factor in speeds, the more comfortable you are the less tired you’re bound to get. Put simply, Smoother is Faster and that is just what the Specialized Roubaix does, it creates a smooth ride with the innovative and unique Future Shock.

The Future Shock features up to 20mm of travel, and it’s positioned above the head tube in order to move in a vertical path. So when the front wheel encounters rough terrain, the bike moves up towards your hands and preserves your forward momentum without slowing you down. Since the Future Shock is positioned above the head tube, the wheelbase isn’t changing throughout the suspension’s travel, so you get the added benefit of extremely predictable handling. The Roubaix is perhaps the most relevant road bike Specialized make with the condition of the North Eastern roads and it will make a great edition along side the awesome Trek Domane!

Specialized Enduro

The original Specialized Enduro broke the mold when it came to long travel trail mountain bikes. Specialized saw something in making trail mountain bike with longer travel and more down hill capability but you could pedal back to the top.

The new Specialized Enduro is no different, it is a bike that is equally as good going up as it is down. Lightening quick on the ascents and tear the tyres off fast on the downs.

Specialized bikes blazed the trail with their FSR Suspension platform that effectively isolates the chain a braking forces from interfering with the suspension. In turn FSR Technology delivers more comfort and efficiency. The Specialized Enduro will be a welcome edition to stand along side the Trek Remedy and Slash, and the Transition Sentinel and Patrol.

Specialized Tarmac

Specialized’s Tarmac is infamous, Peter Sagan’s bike of choice and the all new Tarmac is no different. Specialized have made the bike lighter, stiffer, and more responsive. It is their most complete race bike Specialized have ever made. More aero that the original Venge, which was designed for Mark Cavandish.

Specialized have achieved this by developing a new fork, dropping the rear seatstay and the d-shaped seatube and post. None have which have added any extra weight to the bike. The Specialized Tarmac’s race winning pedigree will if nicely along side the shop favorite in the Trek Emonda.

Specialized Turbo Levo

As Newcastle and the North East’s Number one Electric bike dealer this is the bike that we are most excited about, and it is going to fit right in along side our already industry ebike brands in Haibike and Trek.

The Specialized Turbo Levo is a bike that we get asked about all the time and now its available in carbon. The updated motor now produces 90Nm of torque making it the highest output on the market and its integration makes you take a closer look to see if it really is an electric bike.

We have the world’s number one for electric bikes, Haibike, and two of the biggest bike brands of the market all under one roof why go anywhere else for your electric bike.



Its fair to say we are buzzing to be Newcastle’s only independent Specialized bike dealer. online now and in store later this week!

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Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights, What is it all about?

You, no doubt, have heard about a variety of Daytime Running Lights (DRL). But do you fully understand the difference between your lights or DRL’s? Are your lights DRL’s? Someone please HELP!

Well lucky for you, we love doing a bit of research. We’ve done the hard work, and we’re making it that little bit easier for you.

What defines a Daytime Running Light?

DRL’s are simply defined as a light that is clearly visible in the day. However it’s not just as simple as something with a huge amount of Lumens. Though it does help.

Many lights these days come with a DRL setting, though not all. Some pride them self on being solely a DRL.

What makes a light a DRL is a flash pattern and how the light is focused.
Why do you need a DRL?

We all fully understand that using lights in the night has huge benefits, but what is the benefit of using DRL’s?

You may be surprised to hear that 8 out of 10 cycling accidents happen during day light hours. Is it that much of a surprise. Thinking logically, we do generally cycle when it’s light, thinking it’s safer.

Stats show that when cars first tested DRL’s, there was a 25% decrease in accidents, 13% when motorcycles were tested. We are just simply following suit.

3 steps to a Daytime Running Light

Focus: Unlike your regular light, DRL’s focus their beam mainly forward and not spreading the light to the peripherals.

Flash Pattern: Unlike most lights, DRL’s have what would be described as a random flash pattern. Instead of a constant, which in daylight hours can become ‘invisible’ to others. The randomised flash pattern therefore attracts attention from others around you.

Range: DRL’s are intended to be brighter then what you would use at night. With the combined huge lumens, focused direction and the randomised flash pattern. They try everything to get you noticed.


Trek have an excellent article over on their website on the benefits of DRL’s.

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Endura kit makes winter commute a breeze

John has survived his 16 mile commute from Cramlington to work here in Newcastle this morning in the horrible weather by staying warm and dry in his Endura Singletrack Jacket, Endura Road II Overshoes and the Endura Deluge Gloves.

What more can we say British kit designed for British weather make sure you come in store and get yours

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Black Friday ‘Shake On It’ Sale

You may know, we like to do things different here at KB Cycles.

Instead of HUGE sale tickets and silly price tags, we’re offering you a ‘Shake on it’ sale. Make us and offer on any item in store and lets see if we can agree.

Why not try to bag yourself a bargain

Sale starts 9am Friday 24th November until 5pm Saturday 25th November

*Terms and Conditions apply, In store only, stock items available on the day only.

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The Winter Service at KB Cycles

Here at KB Cycles, Newcastle The North East’s leading Trek, Scott, Transition and Haibike dealer we know winter can be a challenging time for cyclists and their bikes, with the cold and wet making it a chore for the rider and the wet and salty conditions being particularly hard on their machinery.

A bit of bad weather,however, is no reason to avoid getting out on your bike. It’s just a question of a bit of thoughtful preparation.

Whether it’s your only bike, your commuter, your mountain bike or your Winter bike, ANY bicycle can benefit from a winter Service.

So we here at KB Cycles, Newcastle we bring you the Winter Service

  • Bike washed and degreased. Finished with PTFE water dispersing lube and penetrating fluid.
  • Entire drivetrain removed, cleaned and degreased
  • Headset and bottom bracket cleaned, checked and degreased.
  • Wheels cleaned and checked for trueness and spoke tension.
  • Replace and lube all brake and shift cables, worth £15.99.
  • Full safety check.
  • Gear and brake check and adjustment.
  • Including our deluxe Service, worth £89.95.
  • Fitting of SwissStop brake pads, worth £22.99.*
  • Fitting of all weather tyres worth £70.*
  • Fitting of mudguards suitable to your style of bike, worth £39.99.*
  • 10% off voucher for any extra bike parts required.**
  • 15% off voucher for any winter clothing or accessories in store on the day of the service.

£240 worth of service all for ONLY £190

Don’t let your bike let you down this winter

*Road, Hybrid and Mountain Bike packages available, parts my vary. Subject to availability. **Extra parts required will incur and extra charge but will receive a 10% discount.

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Whats Best For You?

In previous years, HaiBike have signified their SDURO – XDURO differences as motor choice. SDURO being their bikes powered by a Yamaha motor, and XDURO powered by Bosch. Thus created a huge choice of bike for their customers, however, sometimes too many. Did you want to go for the SDURO NDURO or the XDURO NDURO. How much travel? what power?

Criticism came hard on HaiBike, some calling their geometry something of the past. With HaiBike being one of, if not THE front runner of eMTB, these calls didnt fall on deaf ears.

Image result for SDURO vs XDURO

This year, HaiBike have re-evaluated what SDURO & XDURO mean…

First lets take a look at GEOMETRY. Haibike have released their SDURO range with a much more relaxed and comfortable feel. They have focused on keeping the rider in an all round comfortable and stable position when on board their eBike. HaiBike’s SDURO geometry covers a vast amount of their range from eHybrid’s, eTouring and all the way up to some of their eMTB’s.

Where as XDURO comes LONG and LOW. The XDURO range prides itself on precise handling and agility. With a long wheel base and slack head angle, the XDURO range of HaiBikes make sure the rider is kept smiling and tracking the eBike through every corner.

Haibike Hardseven Sduro Emotion Header

HaiBike SDURO range features such eBikes as the HaiBike HardSeven, hardtail eMTB, and all the way upto the HaiBike FullSeven 7.0 with 150mm travel. Featuring the SDURO geometry, these eBeasts ensure the rider is always comfortable and confident, whether riding their local trails or pottering along the riverside to work, or the local cafe.

Bike Image Haibike XDURO AllMtn 7.0


HaiBike XDURO range features some huge travel, designed for a specific reason, thoroughbred all mountain steeds. With the slack head angle, long wheel base and low centre of gravity BB, the XDURO range is designed to be put through its paces and come out the other side still raring to go. The HaiBike XDURO AllMtn 7.0 is one of those abuse ready eBeasts.

So now the big question. Should you go SDURO or XDURO?

Well lets make it as simple as possible;

Are you looking for an eBike to go on long, steady days out along the cycle paths and tracks? GO SDURO

Are you looking to absolutely tear up the local trails and tackle so very technical sections with 100% confidence in your ride? GO XDURO

The only time you may find a struggle with the 2018 HaiBike eBike range is when you want to do both. Simply ask your self, which am I doing most? Singletrack, enduro style riding or just wanting to get out on the bike and clear the cobwebs?

If your mainly just going for a ride with a small amount of trail riding, SDURO FullSeven LT Range.

If your looking to destroy the local trail centre but also get out with the family, XDURO AllMtn Range maybe your answer.



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Raleigh Mustang E Comp

The 2018 Raleigh Mustang E Comp has arrived in store, and we have to say, we’re psyched. From the moment we opened the box to reveal the awesome deep metal flake black finish, excitement levels were rising. First impression were good. An all round awesome frame designed by Kenesis, who really know what the gravel customer wants and needs.

A 650b gravel eBike powered by Shimano Steps e6000, how does the 2018 Raleigh Mustang E Comp fair up against the rest?

Firstly, what is the purpose if the 2018 Raleigh Mustang E Comp? Well, put plainly by Raleigh themselves, versatility. The Mustang E Comp is designed for real world riding. The daily commuter and the weekend warrior. performing superbly on road, path or even a short cut home through the woods.

On our initial test ride around the local area, we all couldn’t believe how rapid the Mustang E Comp performs out of the blocks. Obviously assisted by the Shimano Steps e6000 System, acceleration is your first smile when you jump onto the Mustang.

Secondly was the thought of “Am I actually riding a 650b gravel eBike?” The 2018 Raleigh Mustang E Comp feels like a race ready road bike but with the comfort of a gravel/adventure machine. This is helped by the 650bx42mm tyres running on XLC A250 wheels with bolt thru axles. This complimented by the carbon fork creates perfect combination of comfort & stiffness.

Image result for sram apex 1

Like most eBikes and certainly gravel bikes of late, the Raleigh Mustang E Comp comes 1×11. Sram Apex 1 is a super simplistic style of shifting with Double Tap. The Mustang boasts a huge range of 11-24t cassette and 42t chainring. Meaning you can climb with ease, especially with the assistance of the Shimano Steps e6000 and gain excellent top speed without spinning out. With all that to get you upto speed, your going to need something to slow you down. Never fear, the Mustang E Comp comes with Apex 1 hydraulic brakes with 160mm rotors front and rear.


Now for the POWER

Shimano Steps e6000 System

Shimano have proudly created two eBike systems, the e6000 as their city/touring system and the e8000 as the eMTB system.

The Shimano Steps e6000 system is one of the lightest on the markets. With the motor only weighing in at 3.2Kg. As Roadies cower away in the corner shuddering at the thought of 3.2Kg, in the eBike world this is extremely low weight for a motor. Not only that the motor produces a whooping 50Nm of torque, giving the Raleigh Mustang E Comp that awesome acceleration. Shimano have fitted the Steps e6000 system with 504Wh battery, giving you plenty of life to mount up those miles. As with every eBike, the question crops up, “How far will it take me?” Shimano have claimed the Steps e6000 System will take you upto 150Km. Obviously depending on a number of variables such as rider weight, weather, mode etc.

The Shimano Steps e6000 System is extremely user friendly. The healthy sized display is easily readable whether your just commuting along the road side or through your local woods. To change modes and cycle through your display, Shimano has equipped the Step e6000 system with a super friendly shifter that attaches to your handle bars, allowing you to keep full control of the  2018 Raleigh Mustang E Comp.


The 2018 Raleigh Mustang E Comp is set to become a best seller. An ideal bike for the masses. Whether your pedalling to work every day, hopping on and off kerbs, cutting through the woods to get to the next cycle path and then finally get into town and nipping through traffic. The Raleigh Mustang E Comp is going to perform superbly. Why wouldnt you want a drop bar gravel bike to do everything extremely well and keep a smile on your face.

We are all convinced and it has our backing. So much so were waiting to get our hands on one for an even longer test period, really push its boundaries. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

If your still not convinced, come in store to check out this GAME CHANGER!