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Transition TR11 now available for pre-order

Three years in the making. Born in Carbon and based on Transition Bikes Giddy Up trail bike suspension platform. Bred in Cascadia and World Cup proven, the TR Eleven will elevate your riding whether you’re racing downhill or doin’ it in the park bud and it is now available to pre-order at KB Cycles, Newcastle The North East leading Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition Bikes dealer.

transition tr11

The Transition TR11 Framesets are online NOW and build kits will be on shortly 

195mm rear wheel travel driven by Transition Bikes DH tuned Giddy Up linkage provides supreme grip, excellent mid stroke support and plenty end stroke ramp to prevent harsh bottom out when hucked to flat.

What else is there to say? In the words of Nigel Tufnel

“The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and…”

  • Full Carbon Front Triangle, Chainstay and Seatstay
  • Aluminum Rocker
  • Molded Rubber Chainstay and Downtube Protection
  • External Cable Routing
  • Enduro MAX Bearings
  • Collet Style Main Pivot Hardware
  • Universal Transition Derailleur Hanger, compatible with Giddy Up trail models
Transition TR11

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Trek introduce RE:aktive Thru Shaft

From the Trek Suspension R&D Lab comes a unique new shock that improves the benefits of RE:aktiv and responds to the trail faster than ever.
Thru Shaft

RE:aktiv was the result of Trek’s partnership with Penske Racing Shocks—the global leader in custom motorsport suspension design—to develop a shock with an incredibly responsive damper. Despite RE:aktiv’s instant success, our research and development team wanted to further improve the damper’s responsiveness. We bucked the suspension status quo through additional work with Penske and came up with an entirely new approach.
All-terrain responsiveness is RE:aktiv’s calling card: extra-firm low-speed compression damping; supple and controlled high-speed compression damping; and a seamless transition between the two. RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft improves upon this responsiveness. RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft responds to every input that the trail can throw at riders, delivering a shock that keeps up with riders as they push their limits on technical terrain.
Thru Shaft is a superior alternative to traditional dampers that rely on an internal floating piston (IFP). The IFP in a typical shock compensates for oil displacement from the damper shaft. This system has served mountain bike shocks well for years, but has its challenges: pressure and friction from the IFP create lag in the shock’s responsiveness. Thru Shaft eliminates the IFP and associated oil displacement, which significantly decreases lag and produces a shock with telepathic trail response for ultimate control.
It will feature on the 2018
We can’t wait to see it in KB Cycles, Newcastle The North East leading Trek dealer
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2018 Bosch eBike innovations

Bosch ebikes are at it again with their new innovations for 2018 from software and hardware updates to all new never before seen technology in an ebike they really have taken the bar that little bit higher!

The new eMTB Mode for the Performance Line CX

eMTB modeThe eMTB mode replaces the former Sport mode of the Performance Line CX and varies between the Tour and Turbo riding modes. With a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm, the motor dynamically boosts the pedal power of the rider between 120% and 300%. Depending on the pedal force, the progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual riding style. Without any need to change the mode, the motor always supports the rider with the ideal amount of power, even at low cadences.

The highlights at a glance

  • No Trigger: More rider enjoyment without changing modes. There’s no need to change between the support modes; the rider can focus all of their attention on the trail.
  • Direct Flow: Perfect support from the very first step. Steep uphill starts become noticeably easier.
  • Progressiver Support:: For a natural riding experience and optimum control. Depending on the pedal force, the progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual riding style.
  • Trail Control: Improved control in difficult riding situations. Ensures the rider makes effortless progress and has the best possible traction in technical uphill sections and where there are obstacles.
  • Maximum Momentum: With a torque of up to 75 Nm. The motor dynamically boosts the pedal power of the rider between 120% and 300% for sporty acceleration, even when riding over alpine terrain.
  • Ultimativer Uphill Flow: Uphill riding becomes an unforgettable experience; the rider always remains in the flow.

PowerTube 500

powertube 500With the PowerTube 500, Bosch offers a battery that can be integrated in the bike frame and that can be installed horizontally or vertically. The PowerTube combines modern design with high-quality Bosch technology, for e-bikers who are committed to a clean and timeless look. When unlocked, the battery pops out of the frame by about two centimetres and can be easily gripped. A safety catch prevents the battery from falling out. The battery is also optimally protected by the frame


Active Line Plus

The new Active Line Plus is the perfect companion for the comfort-seeking commuter from the suburbs or country areas as well as for e-bikers who regularly undertake short tours and want to ride with a harmonious, agile drive system. The system is equipped with a new gear concept: at speeds over 25 km/h, no pedal resistance is felt and the motor noise is significantly reduced. The “Plus” version has a torque of 50 Nm and weighs approx. 3.2 kg. The drive unit is thus the best in its class and offers a significant plus in riding enjoyment, as well as improved handling due to its low weight and reduced size.


The new Bosch eBike ABS

Greater safety, improved stability

Safety is a decisive factor for eBike riders and their environment. The first production-ready eBike ABS worldwide now enables controlled and stable braking, even in critical situations. Bosch eBike ABS uses proven technology for a new solution adapted to eBikes. Your safety is enhanced through the combination of front wheel ABS and rear wheel lift control: The pressure at the front brake is regulated during critical braking manoeuvres and stabilises the riding situation – an advantage particularly during trekking and city riding.

ABS for the front wheel

Wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of both wheels. If locking of the front wheel is anticipated during severe braking, Bosch eBike ABS improves the riding stability and steerability of the eBike – especially under slippery road conditions. Harmonious and sensitive braking behaviour significantly increases control and safety.

Intelligent rear wheel lift control

The intelligent rear wheel lift control of Bosch eBike ABS reduces the possibility of the rear wheel lifting when the front wheel brake is applied forcefully. The likelihood of flying over the handlebar is reduced. This allows you to use the front brake more actively and efficiently.

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Trek and Transition Prototype reveal new DH bikes.

Here at KB Cycles Newcastle, The North East’s Leading Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition Bike Dealer, we love a prototype and Trek and Transition have delivered the goods for us this past weekend at the British Downhill Series up at Fort William.

First up, Gee Atherton was spotted riding a 29er Trek Session. We have known about this one for a while but its great to see it finally see the light of day.

We don’t know a lot about it at the minute, but it appears that the floating shock has been removed and it mounted in the frame similar fashion to the all new Trek Slash 29er.

Sadly Gee had a crash in his race run but he claimed the top top in qualification on the new bike.

So we know one thing…its designed to go fast!

Transition Bikes also reveled their new carbon downhill bike. The T11 appears to features their “Giddy Up” Horst-Link-type four-bar configuration which is a move away from their previous aluminium downhill bike the TR500.

Transition are keeping things very hush hush but we can’t wait to find out more. Head on over to for more images of the new Transition downhill rig

Both the Trek Session and the Transition TR11 will be available from KB Cycles Newcastle when they become available to the public..we’ll keep you informed 😉

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Trek bikes delivering the goods again…

Here at KB Cycles Newcastle, The North East’s Leading Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition Bikes dealer are please to see the new Trek Remedy 9 RSL and Trek Fuel EX 9 are getting some stellar press and rave reviews in Mountain Biking UK

First up is the Fuel EX 9 which claimed top honors and won the Best In Test .

It took on some big competition from Specialized, Canyon and Norco. Its clever suspension and outstanding frame geometry out shone those with higher spec’s

“It bowls along flowing trails effortlessly and really comes alive when pointed downhill”

Trek’s updates have taken the ultimate trail bike right up to date and ahead of the pack. It’s great to see this mind blowing bike come out of the the shadows from behind the in demand Remedy and Slash and stand on it own two feet, its also great to see MBUK finally acknowledging great design and engineering will out perform specification every day of the week!!


Not to be out done by it baby brother the all new Trek Remedy 9 RSL flexed it muscles to deliver an outstanding performance of in the “Mountain Biking UK Bike of the Year Test”

“The bike feels accurate and fast when you are throwing it between linked turns at pace”

Trek bikes have turned the Remedy 9 RSL into an all mountain slayer and have taken what was already an award winning bike and taken it to the next level. This one bike quiver packs a punch and will have you questioning why you even need a downhill bike AND a trail bike.

Stock on these are extremely limited but being the North East leading Trek bike dealer we we have managed to get our hands on them in 18.5″ and 19.5″ so hurry before they sell out



Trek’s road bike got in on the action as well with a “Best in Test” for the interstellar Madone

“The Madone is a joy to ride. One the road the bike sticks perfectly to the corners yet feels very slippery through the air.”

With its jaw dropping looks the Trek Madone is at the pinnacle of road bike technology. Trek’s clever integration of the ISO Speed delivers unrivaled comfort without sacrificing speed.  But don’t just take our word for it Cycling Weekly put all the aero bikes to the test and Madone came out on top.

So if you want to go fast or you want every marginal gain at your finger tips accept nothing else 😉

…and of course it is available on Trek’s Project One

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Joining forces with the Newcastle Cycling Film Festival

We are proud to announce here at KB Cycles, Newcastle, The North Easts Leader Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition Bikes dealer, that we will be supporting the Newcastle Cycling Film Festival at the Blackfriars Ouseburn Cinema.

It is set to be a great day with something for everyone. With films, live music, local beers and French street food.  For a full list of everything on offer and to get your tickets booked get yourself over to their website


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KB Cycles in partnership with the Green Commute

green commuteKB Cycles Newcastle, The North East Leader Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition dealer is proud to announce our partnership with the Green Commute Initiative.

The Green Commute Initiative is a revolutionary new Cycle to Work scheme perfect for é-bikes. It offers up to 42% savings on bikes for employees as part of the Government’s Green Transport plan but without a £1,000 Limit

For more information on how you sign up head on over to our Cycle to Work page or head straight to the Green Commute Initiative website.

Once you have signed up head into the shop, Newcastle’s first Electric Bike Specialist, and have a chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff so you can find the perfect electric bike.


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Trek Slash 9.8 back in stock at KB Cycles

Trek Slash 9.8 29er what a beast and quite possible the rarest bike in the country, now sold out at Trek for 2017….in February.

But lucky for you guys, we as the North East’s leading Trek bikes dealer have managed to get our hands on another 2! 1×17.5, 1×19.5

Available on 0% finance


Once they are gone we can get no more until 2018! So you’ll have to be fast!

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Here at KB Cycles Newcastle the North East’s Leading Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition Bikes dealer we know electric bikes!

Lots of shops can sell electric bikes, but not every shop can sell electric bikes well.

We know our Boschs from our Yamahas, our eMTBs from our eHybrids, our watt hours from our torque and our friendly, knowledgeable team are here to guide you every step of the way. No question is too small as we know an electric bike is a big purchase. If there is something that we don’t know we will find out just for you, as we strive to be the best electric bike supplier in the North East.

Our workshop is fully Bosch qualified so you can trust us to service and update your electric bikes so you can have trouble free riding no matter what the conditions.

We have the most extensive range of eBikes in Newcastle from Haibike, Trek and Raleigh Bikes with over 20 models IN STORE and more on the way. We also have a comprehensive DEMO RANGE so you can try before you buy.

What’s a Haibike?

We are proud to be Newcastle’s premier Haibike dealer, as Haibike are the leading electric bike supplier in the world. Haibike are at the forefront of eBike technology working directly with cycling and electronics giants SRAM and Bosch to produce the most innovative electric bikes on the market.

Haibike have won countless design awards across their range of eBikes, the most recent a 2017 Design & Innovation Award for the Sduro Nduro 8.0. This innovative bike sees to up date geometry and the introduction of  eConnect, that will allow you to plot routes and connect to you mobile devices.



The super popular ladies Haibike have just started showing up for 2017.

This Sduro Hardlife 4.0 is a great looking bike with great spec. The pedal assist comes from Yamaha’s 250w motor with the power coming from the 400wh battery will have to pedaling for miles and miles.

If you are looking for a bit more bike to go on and adventure we have also taken delivery of the Xduro FullLife 5.0

This 120mm travel full suspension eMTB features a Bosch 250w motor which has 60Nm ot torque that will help you up every climb that’s in front of you. This is finished off with a 500wh  battery pack and SRAM NX drivetrain. This is the complete package!…..

How far will my eBike go?

The million dollar question which is very difficult to answer. Range will vary based on motor, battery, terrain, and even weather. With so many variable is is difficult to give a specific range, but Bosch have made it easier with their eBike Range Assistant

This useful tool will allow you to put in all of the various variables and it will calculate how far you can go on your eBike. With the right conditions and mode usage you can go up to 180 miles on one charge!

Electric bike technology has progress so far over such a short period of time, so much so that they have come from the fringes of the cycling industry to be the fastest growing sector by far.

Aren’t they cheating?

NO! far from it. You still have to pedal them.

The modern, law abiding, eBike is only pedal assist, so you still have to put the effort in to get the rewards of the electric motor.

What it does mean is that you can explore further before you get tired, they will allow you to see what is over the other side of that hill that you have never quite reached before. You will be able to do 3 laps of your favorite trail centre rather than just the 1, and as we all know more time of the bike = more fun! You will be able to leave the car at home for your daily commute. You will be able to get back on the bike after injury. They are a bike that allows you to do more!

Chances are if you’re giving Electric bikes a hard time, its because you haven’t tried one yet!

We’ll happily change you opinion at our Big Demo at Chopwell Wood on Sunday the 19th of February. Where you can try the very latest in eBike technology from Haibike, Trek and Scott absolutely FREE if you pre-register.

Head over to the Facebook event page for more details or register by emailing the shop on 

Which is the right eBike for me?

There are many styles of electric bike, and our friendly knowledgeable staff are here you guide you all the way. They aren’t going to force any model on you because its the one they have there. They will listen to you to find your needs and advise you accordingly. You are sure to find your electric bike in our fantastic range from Haibike, Trek and Raleigh bikes.


Find yours at KB Cycles Newcastle’s first Electric bike specialist

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We are very pleased to announce our BIG DEMO DAY!

KB Cycles Newcastle, The North East’s leading Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition bike dealer, are having a demo day where you can try the very latest in Mountain and Electric Bike Technology.

February 19th 2017
Chopwell Woods 9.30am

FREE OF CHARGE for all those that pre-register
£5 for those that turn up on the day

Demo as many of the the NEW 2017 bike as you like from Trek, Scott, Haibike and Transition

For more details head over to the Facebook event page
to register call 0191 264 5215 or email