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We are Newcastle’s premier ebike store

With over 50 Electric Bikes in Stock

We are Newcastle’s Premier eBike Store

Here at KB Cycles Newcastle, we know electric bikes. We have over 50 eBikes in stock from a variety of manufacturers such as Haibike, Trek, SCOTT, Specialized and Raleigh.

We don’t just sell electric bikes, we fully believe in them. The eBike revolution is here, and we’re behind it. We have carefully selected our electric bike range to be able to offer you the perfect eBike.

Whether your new to the electric bike scene, or a season veteran, we’ve something to offer. Some folk are still skeptical about the eBike, those are the cyclist who haven’t tried one yet. Electric bikes are for everyone.

Not sure what style of electric bike to go for? Here’s a handy list of what might just work for you.


Hybrid is an excellent place to start your own eBike revolution. Arguably the style of bike 80% of cyclists should be riding.  If your looking for a bike to get you from A to B in comfort and relative ease, Hybrid is your category. Generally fitted with a mid range motor from all manufacturers, hybrid generally covers most peoples budget in the electric bike market.

Mostly 700c wheels, a variety of tyre tread pattern depending on your model and split through the range whether you have a short travel suspension fork for comfort or a full rigid for city slickers.

Hardtail eMTB

Hardtail electric bikes, or eMTB is our next step from hybrid. Designed for the eBike enthusiast who want to do that little bit more adventure and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

To the lower end of the eBike range of eMTB, bikes come with similar motors as the higher end hybrids. The idea is to give you enough assistance to climb those muddy tracks and weathered trails. Generally speaking, eMTB, comes with a sturdy amount of travel in the front fork to be able to take some hits and provide comfort for every rider. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that they are a bit tame for the seasoned mountain biker. This range will take you up to some big hitting rides with enough power output for any weekend warrior.

full suspension


Now your really starting to get into it. The getting to the thick end of electric bike wizardry. Starting from rider friendly, confidence boosting geometry to some super slack, long travel rigs. The full suspension electric bike range here and KB Cycles Newcastle, is something we have pour over for months. Carefully picking from each manufacturers offerings, we believe, we’ve got your next eBike.

Fitted with some of the most powerfully and reliable motors from the leading manufacturers, these guys are designed for one thing, and one thing only. To keep you smiling no matter what the terrain. Whether your powering up steep tracks or giving it your all in and out of every corner and berm. The full suspension electric bikes at KB Cycles will give 100% fun and confidence.

Doesn’t quite cover it?

Luckily for you there is cross overs between all these categories and even some very niche categories of their own, like the electric Fat Bike, the eGravel bike or even a folding electric bike from raleigh.

We honestly believe we have the biggest and best range of electric bikes in Newcastle. We pride ourselves on being the leaders of the eBike revolution in Newcastle.

Don’t believe us, just pop your head in store and see for yourself. We live, breathe and sleep electric bikes.

If your still not convinced an eBike is for you, why not take full advantage of our Demo Programme.