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With the introduction of the Haibike XDURO FS in 2010, Haibike opened the doors to a completely new bike sport: ePerformance. This marked the beginning of the Haibike success story and started the eMTB boom. Haibike were the first, and for a long time the only ones, to believe in the potential of sporty e-Bikes, and they still do today—more than ever. Hardtail or full-sus, Cross country or long travel Enduro rig, Haibike has ePerformance  MTB covered.

Haibike believe e-Bike should not hide its characteristics. Characterizing features like the motor should be convincingly integrated, but never hidden. With a choice of Bosch and Yamaha powered models in eMTB, hybrid and commuter styles, Haibike aim  to engineer consistent, well-proportioned e-Bikes that shape the entire class of ePerformance bikes.

Still market leaders in Europe, it is no exaggeration to say that the modern e-Bike would not be what it is today without Haibike.


Trek e-bikes simply amplify your pedaling effort. They pedal like a regular bike, but the wind is always at your back and hills melt away.

Trek is a bike company first, and you’ll notice the difference in everything from ride feel to serviceability. With a large e-bike dealer network and a lifetime warranty on every bike that we sell, you’ll spend less time worrying and more time riding.

Trek partners exclusively with Bosch and Shimano – the leaders in electronic motor and drivetrain design – to provide bicycles that are reliable and easy to maintain. Premium features like hydraulic disc brakes for confident braking in any condition, at any speed, are included on every e-bike we make.

In the world of e-bikes, technology is only as good as the support it gets from the manufacturer. We back every e-bike with unmatched knowledge, a support network that comes from over 40 years of development experience and an extraordinary limited lifetime warranty. Worry less, ride more and enjoy all the possibility that comes with a Trek e-bike.


“Superb service from Peter and the lads, KB CYCLES is the place to go for all your cycling requirements i received the correct advice from the moment I walked in.”

                                                                              – Colin


Combining speed and style through an innovative pedal-assist motor, advanced electronics, and a sleek design, Specialized Turbo e-bikes represents the full capabilities of the e-bike revolution.

Specialized Turbo e-bikes are built around the concept of “It’s you, only faster.” So, no matter if you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, we customize our bikes and E-Bike Technology to the ride experience. This way, you get a seamless, authentic experience, just with a little extra oomph.

Specialized Turbo e-bike motors are the quietest, smoothest, and most powerful bottom bracket motors in the world. They amplify your input by up to 320% and have built-in freewheels to ensure an elimination of resistance when you’re riding above the legal speed limit.

Custom software senses the torque you’re applying in each pedal stroke and the power delivery characteristics can be custom tuned using Specialized’s free Mission Control ap which, apart from anything else, will also ensure that you get home without running out of battery capacity.


“No Shortcuts” defines the SCOTT spirit of doing things the right way, for the right reasons.

It’s how SCOTT see product design and it embodies the true beauty of sport – the greatest personal achievements aren’t accidents, they are hard-earned and well deserved.

Whether you are looking for an eHybrid, eCommuter, eMTB(Trail, XC or Enduro). With a choice of Brose, Shimano Steps and Bosch drivetrains, Scott have a huge range of bikes to suit your needs.

From the SCOTT E-Silence commuter range of bikes which make getting around town easier, with comfortable geometry, and powered by Brose with a 500wh battery and equipped with features like a Custom carrier with integrated lighting to the new SCOTT E-Genius 920 which takes everything you love from the new Genius, but adds the Shimano STEPS system, modern geometry, Sram 11 speed drivetrain and TwinLoc remote technology, you’ll be able to explore the urban jungle, the local cycle paths or your nearest mountains like you never have before.

“Top shop, have excellent range of bikes and accessories in store. Staff are friendly and I’ve always received good service.”



Traditional British styled eBikes from a traditional British brand? Well, yes, Raleigh do offer a great range of Urban and City bikes, Step-thrus and Commuters, all at excellent value. That’s not the whole story though.

Raleigh also offer eBikes with electronic shifting, hub gears, folding eBikes and even a Gravel eBike. Thought you knew Raleigh? Come and see what’s new in store.


Bergamont is a quality German bicycle and eBike brand with an excellent reputation in Europe. Their eBikes are typically German in quality and European in styling.

They offer a large range of E-Bikes with top of the range technologies, broad specifications and competitive pricing. To compliment the eBikes we offer, our stock of Bergamonts will concentrate mainly on the city-style models.

How an eBike can benefit you

There is a lot more to eBikes than people think. Here at KB Cycles, Newcastle we believe in eBikes and trust us when we say they are far from what people think they are. Word’s like “cheating” and “easy” are thrown about all too frequently when it come to electric bikes, when really it’s you, only faster.

So that brings on the questions of why would you want or need an electric bike? Electric bikes are many things to many people. Some people are wanting to ditch the car to avoid the traffic on the morning commute or arrive less tired at work. Others are looking for that little helping hand up the hills or perhaps keep up with a a stronger cycling friends and for us they are just a whole lot of fun!

It’s like this, an electric bike will make your ride a whole lot more fun the ups will become more engaging and just as fun as the downs. If you are commuting to work you will be able to get there in record time or take the long way round. An electric bike is like riding all of the best bits. eMTB riders can climb steeper hills, explore further, ride longer, faster & harder than ever before! See now why we are such big fans of eBikes? Try one and you will see what we mean!

How do eBikes work?

Well, in simple terms just like a normal bike, you step on the pedals and the bike goes forward only with a little more oomph! Other than the standard bicycle parts electric bikes have three main components that make them work.

  1. Display – The display gives you vital information whilst riding. This can include battery capacity, range, speed, odometer, trip distance and assistance modes. Bikes like the Specialized Turbo Levo & Kenevo connect to your phone to use as a display. There are also more advance displays such as the Bosch Nyon that give you a little extra like GPS navigation and fitness tracking.
  2. Battery – The battery  can come in a range of capacities and it charges just like your mobile phone. It can also be charged on and off the bike depending on your outlet location. The lithium ion batteries take approximately 3 hours to charge and with our range of electric bike you can leave them on over night to charge without the risk of over heating.
  3. Motor – The motor uses 3 sensors to read your input and applies assistance exactly as required. The motor will only work as hard as you tell it to, pedal harder and it will assist you more.

eBike Maintenance

You should service your electric bike just as frequently as you would service any normal bike. In most circumstances an annual service is enough, however if you are using your bike more frequently or in more extreme conditions you may require more frequent servicing.

Cleaning the bike and oiling the chain frequently will help enhance the lifespan of the components. The electric system (motor, battery and display) is sealed & doesn’t require routine maintenance. However, all Bosch, Specialized and Shimano electric bike systems offer updates to the software with tweaks and improvements further down the line.

Electric bike systems

Here at KB Cycles we know electric bikes and we specialize in centre or crank driven electric bike systems. You will see and array of options within our range so here is just a little on each of them.

Bosch eBike System

Bosch are the industry leading electric bike system and they offer a number of different styles, Active and Performance Line. Which system is best for you depends on the application the bike will be used for.

The Performance line is more commonly see on sportier eMTB models and high end trekking bikes. Whereas the Active line is generally seen on town and touring bikes. But, both are optimized to deliver smooth power.

Bosch also off a range of displays, battery capacity and their new InTube battery that is neatly hidden inside the frame.

Yamaha eBike System

The Yamaha system is exclusively used on Haibike and in 2018 they introduced their third motor to the market. All three are high torque output systems that are designed to deliver instant power.

You will see Yamaha systems throughout the Haibike range, and are at a more affordable price but done let that fool you the Yamaha ebike systems pack a punch and deliver up to a 320% assistance.

The Yamaha system is the only motor in our range that you will see both single and double chainring setups on the crank drive motors. They also have a range of displays and batteries.

Specialized Turbo eBike System

The Turbo 1.3 motor is eerily silent and adds up to 530 Watts of pedal assisted power. Specialized use custom software that senses the amount of torque you apply in each pedal stroke and an algorithm amplifies the power that you’re putting in. The more you put in, the more you get out.

The Turbo motor can be custom tuned using the Specialized Mission Control App to demonstrate total control over every facet of the battery and motor, as well as the ability to upload routes to get turn-by-turn navigation. You can even sync the battery with your route, and it’ll automatically adjust its output to ensure you have a charge for your whole ride.

With a system that is unique to Specialized perfect if you are looking for that next level of control

Shimano Steps eBike System

Shimano is synonymous with cycling and the Steps Electric bike system is now offered in two packages, Steps City and eMTB. The E-6000 Steps city features on many of our eHybrid range, which are perfect for commuting through city traffic or relaxed outing.

The relatively new E-8000 Steps eMTB can be seen on the Scott full suspension eMTBs, it is designed specifically to give you that natural feel of riding a normal MTB with stable, smooth intuitive power for improved bike handling over every section of trail

Brose eBike System

The Brose system features on several of our Scott eBike range. Based on a car power steering motor it has been refined and redesign in Brose’s manufacturing plant in Berlin, Germany for electric bike use. Brose is the only eBike system to truly claim “Made in Germany” designed and built all in one location.

Brose license their hardware to Specialized bikes so they share some similarities. The Brose motor is the quietest eBike system on the market, with outstanding power to weight ratio and super stylish integration into the frame to make a great looking eBike.





With so many different electric bike systems on the market it can be a bit of headache but we are here to help, all systems work in similar ways, don’t always use it as a be all and end all of your eBike choice. We here at KB Cycles suggest looking at the ebike and its application to find which electric bike is best suited to you and your needs.

eBike batteries

We regularly get asked the question how far will eBikes get to on a battery charge. Well, although a lot of manufactures will claim distances, it is a very difficult question to answer as there are many variables that will affect the performance for the battery life for example the mode you use, weather condition, tyres, surface and even the output of the motor.

We say on average you will get between 30 to 40 miles on a charge but why not head over to the Bosch Range Assistant helps to calculate the range of a trip on an eBike, taking into consideration various criteria such as riding profile, type of surface, and wind conditions.


To the Bosch Range Assistant Website


Types of Electric Bikes

Choosing the the right style of electric bike for you and your riding style is very important. The eBikes market has grown massively over the pass few years and with a that a multitude of different styles, brands, design and purposes. Luckily here at KB Cycles, Newcastle we have and electric bike for everyone, you just need to find which one is best for you.

Full Suspension eMTB

In the simplest of terms a full suspension bike offers suspension at both the front and rear of the bike.

Full suspension ebikes have the most versatility to the true off-roader. There are different wheel sizes, geometries and travel options available and there is a full suspension eMTB in our range to suit everyone.

Modern day full suspension bike are better than ever and we offer shorter travel suspension bikes for people looking to just add a little bit more comfort to their ride, but the lock out options on the suspension for hard pack.

Hardtail eMTB

A hardtail bike does what it says in the name, suspension up front and rigid at the rear.

Hardtails are great for your lighter terrain rider. They are little more affordable and the suspension at the front will allow you to tackle rougher ground with some added comfort.

Hardtails are also a popular choice for commuters who want a practical bike in the week, but be able to tackle a little more off road fun at the weekend. These are great for those who enjoy the cycle paths but do like to get a bit adventurous.


eHybrids come in all shapes and sizes. From your traditional town or city step thru bike to something a bit more progressive with gripper tyres and short travel suspension fork for added comfort and everything in between.

We offer a number of road or urban eHybrids that are perfect for the tarmac commute with a bit of light bridle path use.

However, if you are looking for something more capable for light off road, bridle paths and the like we have eHybrids with front suspension. eHybrids are great for everyday riding and you can load them up with racks and mudguards so you can take everything you need for the day ahead with you.



It’s important to think about your actual needs & what you will effectively be using your eBike for, so if you aren’t sure why not pop into the shop and our super friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you make your choice, we also have a massive range of demo ebikes for you to try.