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Road Bikes at KB Cycles Newcastle

Here at KB Cycles we have the very finest offerings from manufacturers Trek and Scott. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or daily commuter, we’ve got the right bike to suit your needs. Road bikes are designed for speed and efficiency out on the roads.

From the moment you get on board you’ll be addicted to the feel, even if you’re not a racer. If you want a quick, easy and simple way to get in to work then these wonderful machines may well be for you. Both Trek and Scott offer bikes with different geometries to ensure you get the perfect fit – whether you’re looking a full aero racing position or the endurance capabilities of a bike designed to go the long haul.

Whilst tearing up the tarmac is certainly the domain of the road bike, if you’re looking to go slightly off piste head over to our Cyclocoss/Gravel section where you’ll find bikes that can take you on any path.

We’ve also got a great selection of women-specific road bikes that have been designed adapted frames to help provide additional comfort whilst keeping you fast.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for give us a call or pop into the shop today.