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Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes at KB Cycles Newcastle

Where you’re going you don’t need roads but you do need the perfect bicycle to get you there.

That’s why here at KB Cycles we have a full range of Cyclocross and Gravel bikes from Trek, Scott and Transition. Whether you are looking for a CX racer or an adventure bike we have it all. They really are the multi tool of the bike world and can be whatever you want them to be, a high speed commuter, winter road bike, light weight tourer or just a comfortable bike. With a more relaxed fit than your average road bike you will be more than happy to spend all day in the saddle and see what the Great British countryside has to offer.

Whilst venturing of the beaten path is the domain of the Cyclocross and Gravel bike, if you’re looking to tear up the tarmac then head on over to our Road Bke section where you will find bike’s that will put you on the path for Grand Tour victory.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for give us a call or pop into the shop today.