Best Balance Bikes for 2 Year Old Review

There are a variety of balance bikes available in the market today. If you want the best balance bike, it is a good idea that you know a thing or two about these bikes. For instance, you don’t want the bike to be more than 30% of your child’s weight. Also, safety should be a concern. Some parents prefer to have a balance bike that has a steering limiter. This feature is known to prevent children from dropping from their balance bike. Here are some of the best balance bikes for 2-year old children.

Best Balance Bike for 2 Year Old Review

Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike

The Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 Balance Bike is a great option for small children. It makes use of 10” high impact mag wheels that can assist your child to enjoy using a bike. The tires are tubeless which means that you don’t worry about having a flat tire. However, the tires still have enough traction to the ground.

The Haro Bikes Prewheelz Balance Bike has focused on comfort to the point that they provided extra padding towards on the seat. It allows the child to be able to seat and not get any rash after playtime. It is also important to note that the minimum height for the seat is at 11 inches. Also, the Haro Bikez stands out with its adjustable handlebar. It makes an ideal choice for children from 1 to 3 years old. You can buy this bike and you don’t have to worry for the next year or two. Unfortunately, other balance bikes can give parents more years.

The Prewheelz Balance Bike also has a footrest which can be a cause of concern for parents that have small children. If you have a three-year-old, this is a good feature of the balance bike. However, if you have a smaller kid, this protrusion could easily scratch the child’s leg.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Comfortable seats
  • Can accommodate 1 to 3 years old


  • Footrest could scratch a small child

FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike

The FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike is known for its award-winning German design. It features a flexible frame helps in absorbing the shock in case your child hits something when playing. It helps protect the child’s spine and could even lessen the times that your child is traumatized when playing with the balance bike.

Another important feature found in the FirstBIKE Street Balance Bike is the saddle-shaped seat. It helps your child to stay on the seat while playing with his or her balance bike. It prevents slipping off the bike without irritating the crotch area. The seat is also adjustable which means that the bike adapts to the growth spurts experienced by your child.

And also, you have a steering limiter that helps your child to stay on course while playing with the balance bike.

And since this weighs only around 8 pounds, children around 2 and above could easily push this around and have a great time playing. Unfortunately, some parts of the bike have questionable durability. It could easily break after being dropped by a child.


  • Steering limiter
  • Saddle shaped seat
  • Shock absorption capability


  • Questionable durability on some parts

Strider – 12 Pro Balance Bike

Strider-12 Pro Balance Bike makes a great introductory tool for 2-year-olds to love bicycles when they grow up. The design is specifically made to help improve the toddler’s balance, coordination, and confidence to ride a bike. The frame is made of aluminum alloy which means that it is both lightweight and sturdy to support the weight of your child.

It weighs just around 5.3 pounds making it easy even for a two-year-old to play around with the Pro Balance Bike. Also, this bike can be used for the next 30 to 60 months. It can support children below 60lbs. Included with the Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike is an XL seatpost that can accommodate growing children.

Unfortunately, the tires are not made of rubber. Instead, you get cheap plastic on this bike. It means that it doesn’t have the traction that bikes have on the road. And also, there were reports wherein corrosion has been found on the handlebar grips.


  • Only weighs 5.3 pounds
  • Can support children up to 60 pounds
  • Interchangeable seatpost
  • Aluminum alloy


  • Signs of corrosion on the handlebar
  • Tires are not made of rubber

Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike: 14 Silver

Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike makes use of an aluminum frame which gives the bike the durability that it needs to support a child’s weight plus the occasional bumps. This 14” version has been updated to use standard tires that give enough traction for your preschooler. Though it weighs around 7.9 pounds, it is still tolerable for kids. However, it may not exactly be the right balance bike for 2-year-olds considering its weight.

It has a leather saddle that gives the balance bike a sophisticated look. However, the seat seems to be a bit hard that it could even cause some rashes in the crotch area during playtime. The seat post is made of carbon fiber material which makes it both durable and light. For parents that bought the Early Rider Road Runner Balance Bike, kids could easily enjoy it even up to age 5. However, older kids are not that comfortable using the Balance bike because of the narrow handlebar.


  • Lightweight design
  • Used real tires
  • Made of durable aluminum alloy


  • Handlebar is narrow for older kids
  • The seat is a bit hard


If you are looking for the best balance bike for 2 year old, you want to take a closer look at two things. First, it is important to consider your child’s height and weight. Since each child is different, you want to be very particular about each product if it fits your child’s needs. Also, you don’t want to just stick to the cheapest option. You also want to take into account the number of years your child is going to use the balance bike. Some balance bikes can be used even by a 5 or 6-year-old.